Fifty Shades of Dementia

Fifty Shades of Dementia – WHO WE ARE

We are two sisters supporting parents who both have Dementia. It’s tough but there are lighter moments. We’ve found that laughing is good and research says that it keeps the brain working. We hope you enjoy our stories. We would love to hear yours and any tips for staying sane through this journey with Dementia.



Reasoning with a Dementia sufferer… Good luck!

This post is about our views on the care of dementia sufferers based on experiences with our parents. It is less light hearted than our usual posts but we’ve written it in the hope that it may high-light problems that could lie ahead. You see, for most of my life I’ve been uninterested in politics […]

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Goodbye dear dad…

Our dear dad passed away this week. As you may remember he had been diagnosed with mixed dementia in 2011 and normal pressure hydrocephalus in 2013 and there had been a constant decline from thereon. Then two weeks ago he just seemed to give up, he wouldn’t eat, would hardly even drink and spent the […]

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