A slip of a girl

This hot weather is difficult for older people, especially when they are not very mobile and have difficulty getting out into the garden  where they can get a cool breeze. I was talking to dad about how he was coping and he was telling me the weather is creating some interesting behaviour amongst the guests at the home where he lives.


‘Oh what sort of thing’ I asked innocently. ‘Well people are not dressed appropriately he said. Especially one lady, she had been walking around in what looks like a slip. It would be ok but she is about 15 stone so doesn’t really have the figure for such a skimpy outfit.’ He replied. I joked with him that maybe she used to be a slim girl and had not updated her image of herself. ‘Maybe’ he said doubtfully. ’Just as long as she stays away from me when she has few clothes on. I don’t want any trouble. Her family may not understand if there is a complaint’

At that he started to have a conversation with someone else. When he stopped he said the ‘slip lady’ had been at the door of his room but he was able to wave her away because he was on the phone.

‘Getting dangerous here’ he said ‘I hope the weather cools down soon’.