I recently had dinner with a very good friend. We got to talking about parents and their trials and tribulations. His father was widowed 2 years ago. He had looked after his wife for some time prior to her death so everyone was concerned about how he might build a life without her.

His father has come through the loss well, better than well. He has sold the family home and moved into a more manageable flat, spends time with the grandchildren, maintains his season ticket at the football club and has discovered that he can buy a Kindle and download books at the local Waterstones. (he has no internet) Click here for the link from Amazon about the free Waterstone’s service.

lifeAlso after some persuasion from friends his father has attended his first cruise and is already planning a second and third. It’s really good to hear a late 70’s fending well, managing difficulties and living life to the full. As I sat over our cheese I was delighted to hear all of this…. BUT I have to confess a piece of me was so envious.

Why are my parents not living this kind of life and why am I not able to enjoy it with them?  What is the lesson we are meant to be learning from what we are experiencing? I am not sure. My sister is much better at this angle than me but that night it was hard for me to connect with…