Footsie at Bingo

Dad made me laugh so much recently.

One evening while still living in his flat he went down to their bingo night, something he always enjoys. It gives his company, something to focus on and he likes annoying the ‘old girls’ when he beats them, which he seems to do quite frequently.  But he said he had no winnings that night.

“I was probably distracted”, he said. “Have I mentioned Jean (not her real name), she is the oldest person here. But she is still in pretty good shape. She’s much older than me probably by about 15 years. (hardly, seeing as Dad is 83!) Well, she was sitting opposite me and I kept feeling her foot touch mine. It reminded me of when your Mother and I were courting. She used to touch my foot under the table to show affection. Of course we never carried on like the youngsters do now. You had to be discreet in my day!”

BingoSeems that the footsie went on all evening until Dad got a bit fed up with it. So he turned to Jean and said, “Are you sending me a message? Because if you are, sorry I am too young for you!’

I told him it was a shame he could have had an older girlfriend. And if she really is nearly a hundred she might be looking for a younger man and it could be fun!

After all he had said she was in good shape and frankly that is more than you can say for poor Dad. But he insisted the people in the flats were too old for him, he doesn’t feel old and I guess we can all identify with that.