Goodbye, mum

Thank you for following these difficult but often funny stories of our parents and their dementia journey.

It is with mixed feelings we’re letting you know that for one of our stars, our mum, the dementia journey is finally over. She passed away very suddenly from pneumonia on Tuesday 22nd September.

It was so sudden that we haven’t really had time to process it but so far the predominant feeling is relief that she is no longer having to live a life in which (at the end) she was often terrified and in deep distress about a reality only she perceived.

Another feeling that is definitely present is admiration for her strength of character – not easy to deal with when on the receiving end of it but it really has to be admired. Right up to her last days she was still refusing most of her medication because she wanted to live (and we guess, die) on her terms.

This Clever Cat story from the blog speaks of her strength of character and makes us smile.

Bless you, mum, may you be forever at peace.