It’s all in the detail…

I have just spent 35 minutes on the phone with Mum, at least 20 minutes of which consisted of a very detailed description of how she dries her washing. You would not believe it is possible to notice so much detail about a wet sock!

I’m not great with details at the best of times but when they come at you out of the blue with no lead in, no context, and more information than you could ever wish for on a very mundane topic, it’s particularly hard to take.

And it’s not just the washing. I have intimate knowledge of the contents of her freezer, I know exactly how she cooks her carrots, and could tell you the finer details of what she gives the dog to eat each day! You name it…

For those of you who are into personality typing, in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), I’m an ‘N’, intuition preference. That means I like concepts, connections and the big picture. My sister probably fares better listening to Mum as she is an ‘S’, sensing preference, so the details are not quite so excruciating for her.

On my better days I think, “Well she doesn’t have too much going on in her life, so this must be important to her”, on my not so good days I swing between giggling and tearing my hair out!

Does anyone know if expressing detail in this way is something that often goes along with vascular dementia?