Rub it in all over

Poor dad has been suffering over the winter months with very itchy skin. It has been so persistent and distressing for him that the Care Home have tried numerous treatments, called the doctor in and changed all the bedding, including his mattress but sadly nothing seemed to help.

We had even begun to wonder if it was psychosomatic. Is he itching because he doesn’t want to be there? Or is he worried and trying to get attention or what is happening?itchy skin

Eventually my sister resorted to buying a more natural based cream. She took it for him on her weekly visit and even rubbed it on for him. But, she said, only on his arms, chest and back, it was a step too far to do his buttocks!

Dad however took delight in telling us, “The Carers rub the cream into all sorts of places! They just don’t seem to care”, he said. “And I tell you, I find it mighty embarrassing”, he chuckled.

The indignity of getting old! But it does help to have a sense of humour which dad still has in abundance.

The good news is that the cream seems to be working, thank goodness!