Safe to share

You will have read our dementia blog all about mum’s earrings – Diamonds are for ever.

Well, they have been found. Yes, behind the bubble wrap! What’s more it turns out that mum doesn’t need to worry about burglars, she has a safe!

Seems she has always had a safe but stopped using it because she thought too many other people were using it. No, it isn’t at the bank, or in some communal place. It is in her house, in her wardrobe. She has the combination but somehow she believes other people use the safe as well as her!

dementia safeOne of these other people is my dad, who hasn’t lived in the house for over a year and who is too frail to get there. Seems he started using it last summer, a good few months after he moved to his own flat.

Quite how he gets to mum’s and what he has in there, mum could not explain but she is adamant. The other person using it is my sister, even though she doesn’t have the combination, lives a two hour drive away and has no valuables. Then there are numerous neighbours and of course the people who steal the ham. Seems they use the safe too!

So what has Mum done? Changed the combination to stop over use? No, of course not, she is hiding her valuables in the bubble wrap!

The mission now is to restore the safe to single occupancy and get her to set a new code…