Sharing freebies

Dad discovered that the local fish and chip shop, a favourite of his for lunch when his legs are up to the short walk, had a special offer for St. George’s day. Any fish and chips, pie and chips or sausage and chips was only £1.

He said there was a very long queue which is not surprising, but he couldn’t resist joining it even though he had already eaten. But when he got to the front of the queue they only had sausages left so that’s what he got.

Back at his flat for some unknown reason, maybe kindness, he offered half his supper to his neighbour. “She’s a lovely lady but a bit old for me!”

He gave her the package and said she should take whatever she wanted and he would have the rest. As I listened I found myself eagerly awaiting the outcome of the story, half expecting him to say she had eaten the lot. But no, it seems the older generation are still generous and kind to each other.

She came over with his half, having popped hers in the oven to warm up. Then later (that could have been an hour or a day. With dad the timings never quite make sense!), she appeared with a bag of fruit.

Seems she has a friendly grocer who gives her free fruit and she can never eat it all so she wanted to share it with Dad. He said there were apples, oranges and bananas, all in good shape and not bruised.

The timings were definitely a bit odd because Dad was sure it was a Friday night and the shop must have been closing for the weekend. It was actually Tuesday so who knows why the nice lady gets the fruit.

Anyway, Dad was most impressed and said he would buy her a fish and chip supper again next week. “Why don’t you invite her to eat it with you”, I suggested.

“Oh no, she likes being at home watching her DVD’s”, he said. “Well Dad many people would say that about you, but you do like company”, was my response.

“Umm, but I don’t want a scandal if she is found in my flat”, said Dad.

Really! At 83, I think he might just be old enough to have a lady friend without starting a scandal. What do you think?