The Slap

If you have read the book The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas you will be aware of how the meaning of an incident is in the eye of the beholder. This is a dementia story with a similar theme. 

We have mentioned in recent posts that dad’s sudden interest in sex and a ‘young lady’ at the home has caused my sister and me some distress.

There seems no sign of things cooling off. At the moment the home are seeking further input from Older People’s Mental Health, so we will see what they have to say about it.dementia-old-woman

On a positive note, the care home manager says that dad’s fascination with Violet has got him out of his room and socialising a lot more, so every issue can have a positive element.

The manager also says that Violet is much more settled and really enjoying the attention she is getting from Dad.

This story about dad and his lady friend comes from the manager of the home.

Violet, dad’s lady friend, was walking through the lounge rubbing her bottom.

“Are you OK, Violet?” asked the manager. “I have just had my bottom slapped”, was the reply. “Oh, is that OK?” asked the manager. “Yes I rather liked it”, said Violet winking and sticking her tongue out at the manager.

I was a little shocked but the manager took it in her stride. “If that makes her happy”, she said…