Who would be a Carer?

We mentioned in an earlier blog the story of the gentleman in dad’s Care Home who makes odd noises all day long and how it causes him to have problems with eating politely. It seems that isn’t his only issue…

This week he is having problems with his teeth. They won’t stay in his mouth. He has a sore mouth and Bonjella has lost the battle with helping him keep his teeth in place without pain.carer-teeth

At tea last night dad tells us the old chap insisted in taking his teeth out between mouthfuls, much to the distress of the ladies in the home. He also kept asking the carers to take his teeth and wash off the bits of food that had got stuck to them. Not a pretty picture, is it!

Dad sounds like he got quite forceful when trying to persuade the gentleman it was not nice to expect people to handle his teeth. The response was, “What’s the problem I put them in my mouth!”

Well yes, but…  Hands up all those who think carers deserve a medal!