Will you come or should I go now?

A confusing dementia day for all! As we have mentioned Mum and Dad are on reasonably good terms despite separating over a year ago. The other day Mum went to town for ‘a few bits’ and whilst there took Dad his newspaper. It is still one of his pleasures in life to read the paper each day even though he doesn’t realise what the day or date is! Anyway, it seems he asked her if he could go shopping with her.

Dad’s story

I said to Mum I would go to Marks and Spencer with her as it would keep her company and we could spend some more time together. It’s quite a long walk from my flat to the shop and your Mother walks fast.  I had to keep slowing her down. When we got there I said I would sit on the bench outside and wait until she had done her shopping, then we could go for a coffee. Well I waited and waited. I know she likes to have a look around and I know she hasn’t yet spent her birthday gift vouchers so I thought she must be having a good shop. I expected her to come out loaded with stuff! I waited so long I got bored and couldn’t wait any longer. I told an old lady who was sitting near me if my wife came out could she tell her I had gone home. I never saw Mum again and haven’t heard from her all day. Please call her and check she is ok.


Mum’s story

I went to town again today because yesterday I forgot to buy eggs and I like the ones from Marks so I took Dad’s paper in for him on the way. Dad said he wanted to come shopping with me. I told him I was only buying eggs, oh and maybe some bread. I said “Johnny, are you allowed to go out? Is it ok for you to come shopping?” He insisted it was fine and we walked to Marks. Of course when we got there he was tired so he sat on the bench outside whilst I popped in. When I came out he said he was enjoying sitting on the bench. I said I had to get back for the dog so we should go. He didn’t want to come and said he would make his own way back. I was a bit worried about it. I mean should he be out on his own? I have called a couple of times since I got home but no answer.

So who is right? I am inclined to believe that Dad forgot Mum had come out of the shop. She seemed genuinely concerned. Poor man, goodness knows how long he sat there!