Yoga works

I had a really nice conversation with mum today. Yes, lots of details about her journey to yoga, more than most humans can imagine! Thank goodness she is taking the bus and a taxi rather than the car. She does seem to have taken on board that she must not drive and is no longer fighting against it.

Mum has been doing yoga for years, since she was diagnosed with high blood pressure and didn’t want to constantly be on pills. To give her credit she went and found a yoga class, started practicing and the blood pressure went down. She has kept it up and even after her triple heart by-pass got back into it. She says she practices at home on a weekend. I hope she does because this has to be a great way to exercise and also hopefully keep her mind in a bit better condition. She was telling me about the moves she can do and she certainly sounds more flexible than me! It also has the benefit of having some social contact, which she lacks.

Tonight she was talking about whether she had to give up at 80. She is about three weeks away from that birthday and this is playing on her mind. Someone told her that was the cut off age when she started 15 years ago. Luckily her teacher seems more

Yoga for mum is really positive and definitely to be encouraged.