You have to laugh!

A friend of mine has a mother-in-law who has dementia. At the moment the lady is living with my friend. Poor lady, she had to leave her warden assisted flat when the building burnt down. Luckily she was not hurt but it is going to take ages for the insurance to be paid so in the meantime she is living with her family.

They are a lovely family and luckily have a big house as they have four children as well as a dog and numerous other pets.  A parent with dementia is a bit of a handful but they seem to be getting along ok.

oven sense of humourThen my friend posted this on her Facebook page (I have changed the names just in case…)

To those who know about my mother-in-law who has dementia. Here’s something that made us laugh. Bless her, she went into the kitchen looking for my daughter, Bridget.

She opened the oven door and said “Bridget, are you in there?”

Honestly you have to laugh!!

Yes, you certainly do have to laugh! Of course I sent her the blog link. She posted back that she had been laughing all afternoon.

It’s good to keep your sense of humour!